Dicky Rinaldo, Founder Amazing Broadcast

I am excited to share that Amazing Broadcast is now entering a new phase of growth. Our significant progress over the past 10 years provides us with a strong foundation to realize even more ambitious growth plans. In this new phase, we will continue to foster growth through innovation, partnership and acquisition.

Our new brand identity is an expression of transforming ambition into excellence. Indonesia’s transformation is awakening the hopes, dreams and ambitions of its people. We are committed to help the country and its citizens realize their full ambitions. Our logo, The wing man is a strong statement of our brighter future which comes from the freedom to dream and commitment to deliver.

We believe in Indonesia’s future. The country’s economic growth will be underpinned by consumers’ rapidly advancing purchasing power and very favorable demographics. In addition, a maturing political environment and proven monetary policies will help Indonesia to progress with stability and confidence to become one of the advanced nations of the world. As a consumer-focused business group, Amazing Broadcast is the best-positioned business group in Indonesia to capitalize on the upcoming acceleration of the economy.

We are quickly becoming a leading player in the region in our chosen businesses, whilst building on our core values of customer focus, entrepreneurship, innovation, operational excellence, team work to realize synergies, and good corporate governance.

We continue to prioritize attracting and retaining the best talent and integrating this talent into a high performance culture. Looking overseas,
Amazing Broadcast is actively seeking opportunities in other fast growing Asian markets to realize our vision to become a leading global business.

Dicky Rinaldo

CEO & Founder Amazing Broadcast